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Create Decentralised Limit Order (FELO)
Take Charge of Your Token Swaps with FELO! Experience greater capital efficiency as FELO empowers traders to set their own limit price (target price) for swaps. Seize control of your trades like never before !
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(Gasless) Swap at the best rate
Unlock the Best Swap Prices with MetaDex Aggregator! By pooling liquidity from multiple Decentralized Exchanges, MetaDex ensures you always secure the optimal price. And with the gasless feature, swap tokens hassle-free without using native chain tokens for gas fees. Seamless trading at your fingertips.
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Trade Future Perps
Future perpetuals are the best option to leverage your trades on more than 100 pairs. Traders looking for higher returns can bet on future prices with up to x100 leverage.
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Unleashing Innovation in DeFi since Day One. At Kromatika, we harness the finest features from top crypto projects to create faster and more innovative solutions. Through collaboration, we're shaping the future of decentralized finance, empowering smart traders and revolutionizing the crypto landscape with groundbreaking features.
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Examples of projects using FELO / metaswapbox…

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Makes DEX trading simple, accessible, and affordable on Ethereum L1 and L2’s.